NPT’s Youth Board

Why Join NPT Youth?

1. You have many opportunities to take on leadership positions and strengthen your leadership skills
2. You are mentored by professional Broadway, TV, and Film practitioners
3. You participate in NPT events such as the summer musical production, the holiday show, the gala, and much more!
4. You create fundraising and educational events that help to benefit the organization
5. You volunteer for NPT and our partner non-profits like Norwalk Symphony, Kids Helping Kids, Keys, etc.
6. You attend monthly board meetings to brainstorm fundraising ideas, update each other on current projects, and discuss how to bring NPT into different communities
7. You actively contribute to a cutting-edge, inclusive, expanding non-profit organization
8. You can get excellent recommendation letters from NPT staff and entertainment professionals for college and job applications

The Youth Board champions NPT’s Sustainable Harmony © program, an initiative that inspires local commitment and a caring and an altruistic revolution towards interdependence as social currency – by way of artistic performance, collaboration, and mentorship.

We facilitate a progressive leadership mentoring program including a Youth Board of teens, ages 13-19. 

These youth apply for the position of Youth Board of Directors, and run the board exactly like the adult board of directors.  They meet every month and discuss policy, fund raising events, and how to manage a nonprofit. 

They gain social media experience running the organization’s pages:

If you’re interested in applying to the Youth Board or collaborating with us, please email and

A Message from the Director of the Youth Board

Dear prospective NPT Youth Board members,

I was in your place not too long ago. I was in high school and I wanted to jump on every opportunity to be involved in the arts that I could. A good friend suggested I apply for the NPT Youth Board, and I haven’t looked back. I served as a general member, on the Board Recruitment Committee, and the first woman president of the Youth Board. I kept in contact with NPT Founder Kristin Huffman throughout my college career, and I was able to intern as a performer, props crew member, photographer, company manager, assistant director, and assistant choreographer. I’ve stage managed or assisted during several of NPT’s smaller events. I’ve worked with so many professionals in “the business” as well as professionals from other disciplines while being a part of NPT. Every interview for school or jobs that I’ve had since joining NPT has somehow pivoted to talk about my work with the organization. Having significant non-profit and professional theatre experience at a young age is impressive to interviewers, even if your interview has nothing to do with theatre or non-profits!

I am now the Director of the Youth Board, a role that I am very honored to fill, which allows me to help young adults like you (and my past self) become active leaders in the NPT and greater community. If you want to make an impact in your community, work on your leadership skills, and be surrounded by talented artists, apply to join us on the Youth Board. We’re excited to see how you can further our mission.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Katherine A. Griffin
Director of the Youth Board, The New Paradigm Theatre