Unique Events

Nonprofit Organization Fundraisers: Cabaret Custom Concerts

NPT’s Completely Customizable Cabaret Concerts are events designed to enhance your nonprofit galas, fundraisers, and special events.  We work with you to create a unique cabaret performance with our Broadway singers – designed to be a one-of-a-kind performance just for you and your donors. 

Corporate Events: Broadway in a Box

Our extensive roster of Broadway artists have all been featured in some if the biggest mega-hit musicals – let us customize a corporate event and/or training with a twist!

Exclusives at Home

The most personal face-to-face encounter you will ever have with a Broadway star. Unforgettable performances right in your home with one-on-one mingling, and/or cooking with the stars with an elbow-to-elbow dinner time experience.

Past Productions

Bye Bye Birdie, 2019 – The American Legion Post 12/Veterans were chosen. As a patriotic Veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness, and with the resonating themes of military service and Americanism, it was a fitting partner as the musical is inspired by the phenomenon of singer Elvis Presley, one of America’s most significant icons in rock and roll history, as he was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1957. The American Legion family includes the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion; organizations comprised of descendants of Legion eligible Veterans. “We are honored and grateful to NPT for this opportunity and along with them we wish to thank all our Veterans for their service to this great nation.” NPT also featured a group of the Veterans onstage during one of the Bye Bye Birdie scenes. 

Director: Courtney Laine Self
Musical Director: Jonathan Yates

West Side Story, 2019 – NPT and the Norwalk Symphony co-produced and were proud to partner with Building One Community, B1C. The Center for Immigrant Opportunity (B1C), is a nonprofit organization that educates, employs, empowers, and engages immigrants and the community. The themes presented in West Side Story resonated with their mission to support the most vulnerable. We hosted a Self Defense class that featured this non profit, the Norwalk PD and gave tips on self defense especially for young women. Visits to Channel 8, Channel 12 and print coverage were extensive. 

Director: Claire Kelly
Musical Director: Jonathan Yates

Hunchback, 2018 – The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation was chosen to reflect the show’s famous song, “God Help the Outcasts” and the treatment of the Hunchback as it compared to how children with burns are often treated. Kathy Gerrity, the Executive director of the CT Burns Care Foundation led an information session for the youth in the show, helped to give the curtain speech, appeared on Channel 8 with NPT and benefitted from the extensive PR for the show.

Director: Scott Bryce
Musical Director: Paul Bogaev

Peter Pan, 2017 – KEYS (free instrumental lessons for youth in need) was the nonprofit partner for this show. Children from their program on scholarships were included in the show as well as fund raising during the Prologue Bazaar. Once again featuring them in all the extensive PR (see below).

Director: Martin Marchitto
Musical Director: Paul Bogaev

Oliver, 2016 The Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport was chosen as the OLIVER theme was “Homelessness to Hunger to Hope”. The cast volunteered at their soup kitchen and raised money for this charity during the Prologue Bazaar before each show, as well as sharing their extensive PR networks. Many “in need” children where included in the show.

Director: Scott Bryce
Musical Director: Paul Bogaev

The Holiday Show, Since 2013 – Annual family shows we produce at Fairfield Theatre Company–featuring Broadway professionals, local adults, and youths!

Director: Kristin Huffman