Q: What is “new” about the New Paradigm Theatre? 

A: We approach theatre as a training ground for new leaders, not just actors. We use theatre to collaborate with other nonprofit community and social justice organizations. We provide theatre as a resource for local businesses. We believe theatre can deliver powerful messages. 

Q: Who does NPT serve?
The majority of the students and families that we serve come from the southwestern corner of Connecticut, including Fairfield and New Haven counties. 

Q: How many productions comprise the NPT season? 

A: NPT produces and/or co-produces 6 shows per year including: 

  • An annual holiday show (December)
  • A summer musical production (August)
  • A co-production on with Norwalk Symphony (February)
  • So Ya Wanna Be A Broadway Star competition event
  • A new play reading with New York City Children’s Theatre
  • A reading of a new play or new musical 

Q: Does NPT have classes for both youth or adults? 

A: Yes! And we are adding more each year. We feature Master Class sessions with industry pros, workshops, seminars and more. We recently added a 6-week acting class for 10 year-olds through high school. We plan on adding more. 

Q: Who do you hire as actors for NPT productions? 

A: We are a hybrid of small professional theatre and community theatre. Our stage, production crew and casts are comprised of local and national talent. Broadway veterans, AEA professional guest artists, local talent and non-union “up and comers” from all over the US are featured in NPT productions.

Q: What is the NPT Youth Board? 

A: All nonprofit theatres have an adult board of directors. We also wanted input from our vibrant youth community with fresh ideas and current perspectives. Interested teens, ages 13-18 years old can visit our info page.

This group is an authentic, working youth board of directors (not a club) and it looks great on the resume or college application. 

These youth apply for the position of Youth Board of Directors, and run the board exactly like the adult board of directors. They meet every month and discuss policy, fund raising events, and how to manage a nonprofit. 

Q: Does NPT actively support diversity and inclusion ? 

A: Diversity. Inclusion. They’re more than just words for NPT. They are
the driving force for our organization and youth board. We believe that theatre is for everyone, and we mean everyone. We endeavor to stand for the principles of inclusivity and equity in our classrooms, on our stages and in the organization on at large.