Grease Tickets

Who doesn’t like the music of GREASE?!

Immerse yourself in the total “Grease experience” with NPT’s production.

Given the popularity of the movie and the state-of-the-art theatre at Black Rock Church, our show will be a fun combination of live and movie-style aspects!

*Sing along with your favorite songs as our cast members perform!

*Dress as your favorite 50’s characters if you want!

*Enjoy a pre-show Car Show of 50’s cars in the parking lot!

*Food trucks with 50’s style food!

General Admission: $10-35

VIP experience: $50. Includes: The Best Reserved seats, Backstage/Onstage tour (where you just might meet the cast!).

ONSTAGE seating during the ACT TWO prom scene: $100.

Get a T-bird’s eye view by sitting onstage with our cast to watch and be a part of this scene (no acting required)

HOW IT WORKS: You will automatically have VIP seating for the rest of the show (complete with the best reserved seats, backstage tour), but in addition, during intermission, we will walk you onto the stage seating (and then off again after the scene.) Dress in 1950’s attire if you like! Or not. And see the show “up close and personal”.

This special seating is very limited, so please write to for information and to reserve your spot.

Only 16 years and older will be allowed in this seating.

Get your tickets now!