New Paradigm Theatre Company (NPT) is committed to providing exceptional internship opportunities for the next generation of artists, educators and administrators. Through our program they will develop the tools they will need to move forward in their chosen field – observing, training, and collaborating with dedicated professionals. They will gain invaluable experience, build their resumes, and make connections. Some positions have per diems. If included, they are noted below.



NPT will offer a limited number of college internships this summer in connection with our Footloose production.  10-25 hours per week for 10 weeks starting in June- Aug 21st. 

NPT offers internships for a few selected college level students with a range of experiences. They should be self-starters as well as being positive role models for the youth attending the summer program as well as polite and respectful to the professionals and adults.  NPT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. New Paradigm Theatre Company is dedicated to creating an accessible, diverse, and inclusive culture in our audiences, our programs, our staff, and our board. We advocate for diversity throughout the organization and strongly encourage applications from members of traditionally underrepresented groups to apply. 


Assistant Director: This intern will begin working in May (production meeting) and then more fully in late June with the Director and Stage managers as well as production staff to plan and organize the show.  Should attend the pre-production meetings with production staff. Dates TBD.  Once rehearsals start they will be asked to run scenes or work individually with actors, be the director’s right-hand, help to set up and tear down work area, take notes, work with mic plots and lighting plots in addition to other pre-show technical work starting in June.  This intern will also help oversee communications with costume and technical interns starting in June. Skills required: must be a self starter, great with taking notes, confident when working with children and adults. Must have the ability to think on your feet. Our director this year is also a choreographer so in addition this position will work with director/choreographer beforehand to learn and create choreography. They will warm up the actors before each rehearsal. Run dance calls for adults and youth.  This is a multi-tasking position that requires an organized and creative person. It is a wonderful addition to a professional resume with professional contacts being made throughout. This intern reports to the Director (Clayton Winters) and to The Producer (Kristin Huffman). $300 per diem


Company Management: This intern works with the Artist Director and Stage Manger in a wide-variety of tasks and will begin in June. Duties include, but are not limited too: setting up housing and travel arrangements, transportation, craft services, overseeing other interns, mail processing, VIP services such as assisting with donor tracking, gift acknowledgment, sponsorship relations and special events. They will also work with the Artistic director to create templates for our summer production. Must have the ability to work with peers, basic office/computer skills and arts management. They can also be a performing intern.  This intern reports to The Producer (Kristin Huffman) $300 per diem

Marketing: This intern works with the Artistic Director to assist with the preparation and distribution of social media promotions, posters and brochures, works on
the programs and helps coordinate all public relations events. Preferred skills include: basic office (microsoft word, excel); graphic design; social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). Basic photography skills a plus. They can also be a performing intern. Begins in June.   This intern reports to The Producer (Kristin Huffman)


Assistant Stage Management: This interns works closely with both the AEA stage manger and director. You will be expected to help set up and strike for both rehearsals and show. You may be asked to send out the show reports each day and to email cast with updates. You will be a backstage crew person during the shows. Preferred skills include: great organizational, communication and interpersonal skills, computer and office skills, and basic understanding of stage management.  $600 per diem

Costumes: This intern works with the costume designer and assists with the construction and/or alteration of costumes for the production. May also search for costumes with designer. Assists with the load-in, categorizing and strike of show costumes. Preferred skills include: stitching, cutting, and draping. They can also be a performing intern. This intern will receive a small per diem and must be able to attend all tech rehearsals and shows. This intern must be available for all of tech and will run the dress rehearsals and shows).  $200 per diem

Scenic: This intern works with the tech crew on the painting of all scenery or set pieces for all shows. Preferred skills include: painting, mixing and scenic craft skills. They can also be a performing intern. 

Props: This intern works with the props department to execute props for the production through construction, acquisition, set dressing and maintenance of props during the run. Assists with the load-in and strike of all props for each show. Preferred skills include: knowledge of Photoshop, experience in crafts, painting, sewing, woodworking, and upholstery. They can also be a performing intern. 

Stage Operations/Deck Crew: This intern works with the stage operations/deck crew with the install of all scenery or set for each production. Works on run crew- moving scenery and working the rail. Assists with load-in and strike of all shows. Preferred skills: some carpentry, but mostly basic stage procedures. 

Deadline to Apply:
March 15, 2021
Apply sooner rather than later as positions fill fast. 


• Email resume, cover letter with the position you are applying for, and one professional reference letter with their name, title, where they work, and email address. If you are applying as a Performing intern please send a video of singing/monologue (iphone is fine) 

Send materials to: 

Kristin Huffman- Artistic Director at: 

NPT is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, political persuasion or belief, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or status as a whistleblower.